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A film by Sophie Cattoire
featuring Claude Douce and Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux


The film director profiles a couple of modern humans, highly successful and yet still in search of meaning to their lives. Out of exceptional collections of prehistoric objects, they conceive a small series of little box sets, pocket-size museums, tangible milestones to guide us along the ever more intriguing path of the history of mankind. Their research and findings culminate in these clear and concise “picture books” which give each and every one of us the delightful sensation of being « tout poilu de racines » (“covered all over in roots”): that state of bliss described by French author, Jean Giono, in his major work, « Les vraies richesses » (“True Wealth”). The most striking image at the end of the film (the one we shall surely take away with us) will be the sight of five tiny little boxes containing all Man needed to survive through millions of years. Maybe, sometime later and in different circumstances, it will remain in our minds, as we ponder over the meaning of “true wealth” in this world of never-ending wants.

Un Château Hanté par la Préhistoire

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a film by Sophie Cattoire
with Claude Douce and Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux
Photography: Sophie Cattoire - Carlos Chapman - Vincent Lesbros
Editor: Sophie Cattoire
Original soundtrack: « Long Story Short » Vincent Lesbros

Contacting spirits near and far

For some time now, tucked away in the seclusion of a 17th century château overlooking the Vézère River, Claude Douce (the talented publicist) and Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux (surgeon by profession, paleontologist at heart and the writer of numerous reference books on Stone Age tools) have reacquired the seriousness they had as kids at play. In their spellbound hands, a prodigious prehistoric treasure trove is just waiting to reveal its story. Each piece they handle conjures up images and scenes from our unrecorded and unforeseeable far-distant past. Together, they summon up the unseen forces and capture the presence of spirits around them. Their grand and exciting mission: to save and digitize the oldest collections, built up 150 years ago when the notion of Prehistory was beginning to surface in the Périgord Noir. So, sit back and enjoy! The skillfully shaped stones are there to guide you down ancient paths that will take you back millions of years.


Claude Douce et Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux

Claude Douce et Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux

Sophie Cattoire et Yves Coppens

Sophie Cattoire and Professor Yves Coppens at the Château de Sauvebœuf in Aubas

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Don’t be hard on Humankind

In addition to the DVD programme, in the long interview he granted us at the Château de Sauvebœuf on the banks of the River Vézère in Dordogne, Professor Coppens traces the full history of humankind right from its origins which, to date, are thought to have been in Africa 3 million years ago.
Recalling how his vocation came about and affirming his deep affection for the human race, Professor Coppens reveals his indefectible faith in humankind - with their ability to evolve on Planet Earth.
A message of consolation, especially coming from the paleontologist and paleoanthropologist who is so dearly loved in France.

Exclusive bonus

Professor Yves Coppens traces the history of Mankind from its beginnings and reveals his profound faith in Man.

Educational leaflet inside

Prehistoric tools reveal intentions and gestures, thought and action. Never again will you look at them in the same way.

Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux et Claude Douce

Jean-Luc Piel-Desruisseaux and Claude Douce examining collections built up by the very first prehistorians

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