Touch Stones 2


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Prix du Meilleur film pour l’Approche Originale
Festival Objectif Préhistoire - Pech Merle


A film by Sophie Cattoire
Running time: 57 minutes

One of them was an advertising mogul, the other a visceral surgeon. Two talents entirely devoted to the same passion: getting chipped flint tools to spill the beans and uncover the major milestones in the history of human evolution and enterprise.

An unexpected encounter is in store for them.

Their minds spin as they benevolently ponder over our unforeseeable past, whilst a ghostly revenant travels in the opposite direction and comes hurtling down, projecting them into a world of pure science-fiction.

A counter-current clash encounter in a château in the Périgord Noir, haunted sooner and later by Prehistory.

Prix du Meilleur film pour l’Approche Originale

Fact sheet

Original title Un Château Hanté par la Préhistoire
English title Touch Stones
Writer-director Sophie Cattoire
Genre Documentary film
Running time 57 minutes
Shooting formats Full HD 16/9
Broadcast formats DCP 2K flat, mp4, DVD
Filming locations Dordogne
Language French
Subtitles English / French
Production company FERRASSIE TV